Tuesday, November 13, 2012

whats in the beans?!

Before I was put on bed rest I taught many preschool dance classes for the City of Calgary. I also taught an activities/games/ movement class where children came and we made different crafts, played different games, creating and learning. Every week these kids communications skills, gross motor skills and listening skills improved. I loved teaching this class!  
I am very passionate about teaching through play. I have always been a hands on person, who struggled in school, but exceeded when I was taught things through experience by doing things and being active. We all know how important it is to be active, weather we are babies, young kids or adults. 
I also teach an Autism Movement Therapy program, where children with Autism Soar! That is a whole different blog though so I wont get distracted. But as I have been doing this classes I have become passionate about helping kids find ways they can learn, and grow and enjoy it!  

So when I found this item I could sell I just had to post it and am really excited about it! 
This game is made by "Learning Resources" the  "Smart Toss Bean Bag tossing game" encourages kids through games and active play to challenge kids gross motor skills. Inviting players to create their own games, match colours and shapes, or numbers, by tossing the bean bags in the holes.

When I saw this item I remembered the bean bag toss game I had when I was younger! How much fun we all had playing.  I loved that game!

Check out some reviews given by customers, and don't forget to check out my Bonanza booth and ebay page! 

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