Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jars Jars Jars

   I have always had this fascination with, collecting matching containers, heaven forbid there became an empty jar...I was in my glory! Jars, of any shape, size and form were my favourite by all means. Being asked many times  "what are you going to do with all THIS container, why do you need ANOTHER jar?  Yes I was the pack rat when I was young. Never having to many egg cartons, or similar containers from yogurt, sour cream, honey and what ever else you could buy in a container, and  never having a clue what I was going to do with all of them, I just liked collecting, and then finding a grand scheme what to do with them!  Eventually it would get to be to much and with my love of organizing and cleaning things out (shhhh don't tell anyone) they all became very well known to the recycling.  A few months back I was washing out an Alfredo sauce jar, and I couldn't help but stash it under my sink, but it looked so lonesome I had to keep washing and stashing jars when ever I got the chance!
Colouring the jars with Mod Podge and
food colouring in some water.
So much fun!
Enjoyed some munchies too!
So last friday I went on a pinteresting mission! Found this wonderful blog and such a cute idea of what to do with my jars. So my friend and I were off and have made cute tinted jars for our babies rooms!
Just letting em' dry a little
The end process of warming them in the oven 

What do you do with your jars?

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