Saturday, November 16, 2013

mmmm Spaghetti Squash!

Spaghetti Squash! SO many have told me how they LOVE this stuff! How it is a staple in their diet, how they substitute it for real spaghetti!.. I've always been afraid of the stuff! A big hard rock that is suppose to resemble Spaghetti when you cook it!
So a couple months ago I bought one!
Not really sure how to cook it I went online and started looking up recipes. Well I was BOMBARDED with recipes! Which for some reason made it even more terrifying but also so much more intriguing! "what is this stuff!"
 So I did the most 'simple' thing I had herd...substitute it for your regular spaghetti and dress it just like you would the delish italian carb you normally eat! So there I sat, a nice plate of spaghetti Sqash smothered in  my fav tomato sauce heart still racing from the loud noises I made banging the darn thing on the counter trying to pry the thing apart to cook it, and burnt fingers from scraping out the piping hot strands of squash when it was done baking. Lets just say I was waaay amateur at this thing! Well my first bite was ....disappointing, the stuff did not taste anything like the delectable stuff I call spaghetti (can you tell how much I LOVE spaghetti!)
To be honest it wasn't bad it just didn't taste as I expected! Or possibly hoped.

A few weeks after my Spaghetti Squash experience it came up in conversation and someone stated, its so good but it definitely can't replace real spaghetti its different in its own yummy way! Then the light bulb went on! I was only disappointed as I thought I would of found a substitute for my yummy yummy but carb filling spaghetti, but when I took that expectation out of the equation it was so good! So I went and bought another one! This time putting mushroom Alfredo sauce on it, it was good.

Although I still was not 100% satisfied or ready to join the "Spaghetti Squash Club"  and determined to love this stuff ( anyone who knows how I love to eat knows it kills me when I don't like something... so I eat it until I love the stuff! ) I started looking again for a recipe I could follow.  With knowing my previous experience of this I was prepared, open to ideas and my kitchen had endless possibilities. I found a recipe for lasagna spaghetti squash bowls! But I didn't have many of the ingredients so I turned the computer off and raided my kitchen for what ever I thought might be good in lasagna! After some creation and not a clue of how this might taste, dinner was served! My hubby loved it and even asked if I could make it again! :) yay me! Finally I LOVE spaghetti squash!! I am so happy I was able to create this meal! I love creating dishes off the top of my head with what ever I have I always sisters called me crazy when I was little but I just have so much fun!

 So here it is!

Cut Spaghetti Squash in half, brush olive oil on and sprinkle with salt and pepper
bake your spaghetti squash. While that is baking roast some garlic.
Cut end off of garlic bunch brush with olive oil and bake with olive oil side down.

While those are baking, cut up a small onion and cook down with a tbsp of olive oil, I love garlic so I also added some fresh garlic. ( my tomato sauce had mushrooms in it, but if you have a tomato sauce that doesn't but you want mushrooms in it add them now) Once onions are transparent add some ground beef, and brown. When everything is all cooked up added your tomato sauce ( I used a mushroom tomato spaghetti sauce) Simmer.

Once your Spaghetti Squash is done and after it has cooled enough to touch scrape Spaghetti Squash from sides of the skin or  "bowl" as I like to call them. Keeping the Squash in the "bowl" mix in your roasted garlic and stir in some cottage cheese. then add your yummy tomato meat sauce and sprinkle with cheese on top.

I popped those lil guys back in the oven to melt the cheese on top and dinner was ready!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lets Get REAL!...or maybe just a pep talk for myself

Hey all!

I definitely have dropped of the face of blog planet for a while and when ever this happens I hum and haw about wether or not to keep this blog up or not?

Since having Ellie I have had many struggles I did not think I would have being a mother!  I have looked forward to motherhood my whole life, always loving all of my dolls as a child, each of them having there own first and middle name, setting up a school room so I could be the teacher to all of my pupils which consisted of every doll and stuffed animal I had. Always being the "sitter" on the block with multiple offers to watch the neighbourhood kids on friday and saturday night, and enjoying nannying for the families I worked for! Don't get me wrong I LOVE being a mom and enjoying my days with my sweet Ellie girl! I just never thought I would be the one to "lose motivation" "gain all the baby weight back plus some after I had just lost  a 3rd of it." but most of all to let these things and other things get me down. Now I am not looking for a pitty party here, just some background info of where this blog is coming from. SO! As I pondered the question of keep blogging...stop blogging it hit me!

 WHY NOT? As I thought about this all I could think of were reasons excuses to not! That is when it really hit me, how many of us make excuses to not do things in life, and I'm not just talking about avoiding mopping the kitchen floor or doing the dishes in the sink.  Choosing to have an excuse to get us out of doing those things that we want to do, but are maybe a little scared to do.  I believe for me lots of that has to do with fear, fear of failing, fear of not meeting our "standards" fear of things not turning out the way we had hoped. Or do we daresay fear of what others will  think of us?!. Lets face it though, thats life. If we let fear get in the way of everything we do, we wont do much now will we?

Who cares if we "fail". I dislike this word, and it has never made that much sense to me, as I remember a quote I once herd "We only fail if we don't try."  I love this quote and how true it is! Just because we didn't get the outcome or results we had hoped for, doesn't mean we failed. Just because we did not lose as much weight as we had hoped for the first go around does not mean we failed, it means we tried and we are better for it! So no more missy! No more punishing our selfs with the word "fail" when we have tried!

 What if we put the word accomplish(ed) in for every time we wanted to use the word "fail(ed)." We are human, we are not perfect machines. We will get messy, probably make a few mistakes, or a lot. People may judge us,  but who cares! Jump in! Be you, be yourself, learn, grow, create, get messy! So what if the old lady down the road thinks your crazy! This is my goal this month! To jump in and DO things!

Once I get passed my fear I find myself not doing many things because I think, "well I don't know how to do that", or "wow that might take a while", "I don't know if I can" or my favourite one, "I'm just to tired" (...we all know we mean lazy) Well get off of your britches and get goin! The day ain't getting any younger!  Set a goal, stay motivated and better yourself! Even if it is just by a pinch each day, grow into who you want to become! Realize your accomplishments, congratulate your self on these and let them continue to motivate you.

So going back to the question from the beginning of this blog, 'do I keep this blog up?. Why not? I will! Why? Because I can! I love writing, although I am no editor, journalist, or novelist, I enjoy it! I always wanted to become an author! That was always my answer of what I wanted to be when I grew up! So in a little way I look at this blog as accomplishing that dream.

So here is to setting goals,  accomplishing the days scariest things, and just loving life!

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally work out, and loudly proclaiming, "Wow what a ride!" -Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dear Baby Girl!
It is getting close to D-DAY! I cannot believe it is so close to getting to meet you! So before you pop out I thought I would share some pictures of our fun journey, so far! :)

My Dear Baby Girl!

Dear Baby girl!                                                                              Jan 17, 2013

How is it going in there? A little squishy? Yes those are my ribs that you keep trying to play guitar on with your toes, and "oh! hello little elbow or foot or hand that gives me a high five when I am laying in bed at night!" What a neat experience this has been! I am getting more and more anxious for you to come out! The doctors were worried yesterday that you were already trying to come out!  It seems that it was a false alarm and that perhaps you are just growing lots! You are in the perfect position, as much as you tickle me with your hands and toes (yes I will wake up laughing and realize you are tickling me!) I am happy that you have turned, and are no longer sideways, I don't think I could stretch that way anymore!
Your room is almost all ready! I am so excited! I refurbished a dresser for your room, it was my first attempt and I am quite pleased with the way it turned out!


My Favourite part!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cant Wait, What a Glorious Mess it will be!

32 Weeks! I cannot believe it! Baby is so close to being here but also so far! I have been looking at some fun games to post for kids that promote learning skills, mathematics, fine motor skills etc.

Educational Insights World Foam Map Puzzle

Learning Resources Parquetry Block set

 I think it is so important to have these kinds of games, to learn through play! I remember playing for hours with puzzles and the Parquetry Blocks when I was younger!  As I was looking at these games I have become so excited to play with my little girl, games, dancing, crafts what a party!!  I know it will still be a little while until the crafts, and games come out, but hey a Mom can get excited right!? 
What are some of your fav games, and crafts that you do with your little ones? 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jars Jars Jars

   I have always had this fascination with, collecting matching containers, heaven forbid there became an empty jar...I was in my glory! Jars, of any shape, size and form were my favourite by all means. Being asked many times  "what are you going to do with all THIS container, why do you need ANOTHER jar?  Yes I was the pack rat when I was young. Never having to many egg cartons, or similar containers from yogurt, sour cream, honey and what ever else you could buy in a container, and  never having a clue what I was going to do with all of them, I just liked collecting, and then finding a grand scheme what to do with them!  Eventually it would get to be to much and with my love of organizing and cleaning things out (shhhh don't tell anyone) they all became very well known to the recycling.  A few months back I was washing out an Alfredo sauce jar, and I couldn't help but stash it under my sink, but it looked so lonesome I had to keep washing and stashing jars when ever I got the chance!
Colouring the jars with Mod Podge and
food colouring in some water.
So much fun!
Enjoyed some munchies too!
So last friday I went on a pinteresting mission! Found this wonderful blog and such a cute idea of what to do with my jars. So my friend and I were off and have made cute tinted jars for our babies rooms!
Just letting em' dry a little
The end process of warming them in the oven 

What do you do with your jars?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

whats in the beans?!

Before I was put on bed rest I taught many preschool dance classes for the City of Calgary. I also taught an activities/games/ movement class where children came and we made different crafts, played different games, creating and learning. Every week these kids communications skills, gross motor skills and listening skills improved. I loved teaching this class!  
I am very passionate about teaching through play. I have always been a hands on person, who struggled in school, but exceeded when I was taught things through experience by doing things and being active. We all know how important it is to be active, weather we are babies, young kids or adults. 
I also teach an Autism Movement Therapy program, where children with Autism Soar! That is a whole different blog though so I wont get distracted. But as I have been doing this classes I have become passionate about helping kids find ways they can learn, and grow and enjoy it!  

So when I found this item I could sell I just had to post it and am really excited about it! 
This game is made by "Learning Resources" the  "Smart Toss Bean Bag tossing game" encourages kids through games and active play to challenge kids gross motor skills. Inviting players to create their own games, match colours and shapes, or numbers, by tossing the bean bags in the holes.

When I saw this item I remembered the bean bag toss game I had when I was younger! How much fun we all had playing.  I loved that game!

Check out some reviews given by customers, and don't forget to check out my Bonanza booth and ebay page!