Friday, November 9, 2012

Baby Baby Baby

Sept 08, 13 Weeks

Sept 16, 14 Weeks
Dear Little one!
We are just so excited to be having you come to us! After I started getting nauseous on the boat at girls camp I wondered if I was pregnant! It was so hard to wait 8 days before I found out on July 16, 2012! I have to say it was the best day after my birthday day ever! 

Mommy got bronchitis at 8 weeks, I was quite nervous but thankfully I was able to take some things for it and it passed as I started getting morning sickness, and soon it was just the two of us up during the middle of the nights having our little 3 am snack!  You have mommy wanting all her root veggies! mMm! I had a couple of weeks where I couldn't get enough beets! So delicious! As much as Mommy loves Ice Cream you don't! Or rather nothing really sweet at all! Somedays we cannot even eat fruit as that is too sweet.  You also were not a big fan of Ground Beef, Oatmeal or Eggs,  these things have all gotten to be ok with you except Ground Beef does not taste like anything at all or is not very appealing. Ice Cream, or sweets, are still not the greatest but thats ok! We will stay nice and healthy!
 You gave us a little scare at about 12 weeks, as there was a small tear in the placenta, so Mommy went on Bed rest for a little bit, but am happy to say that did not last very long!
 I had a hunch you were a lil lady when we had an ultrasound at about 13 weeks! I said, its a girl! Look at those cute little lips!  She is so pretty! I fell in love with you and have had many more moments like that since. When we found out you were a girl, at 19 Weeks we were very excited! I still don't think I have stopped smiling! Thinking of all the cute little dresses, bows,  doing your hair and dancing in the kitchen with you! 
Sept 30, 16 Weeks
Daddy and I have thought long and hard about your name, we will decide for sure if your are going to be our little Ellie Marie when you come out, but that is your name as of now.  Daddy likes to call you his little El!  Now at 22 weeks we have gotten the clear from the doctors to do more exercise! Yay! I cant wait to dance around the house, with you baby Girl! 
Love Mommy xoxo

Sept 23, 15 Weeks
Oct 19,  19 Weeks

0ct 15, 18 Weeks

Nov 01,  20 Weeks
Nov 09, 22 Weeks

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  1. Aww, look at your cute little bump! I gotta say that purple shirt(sweater?) looks super good on you!!