Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cant Wait, What a Glorious Mess it will be!

32 Weeks! I cannot believe it! Baby is so close to being here but also so far! I have been looking at some fun games to post for kids that promote learning skills, mathematics, fine motor skills etc.

Educational Insights World Foam Map Puzzle

Learning Resources Parquetry Block set

 I think it is so important to have these kinds of games, to learn through play! I remember playing for hours with puzzles and the Parquetry Blocks when I was younger!  As I was looking at these games I have become so excited to play with my little girl, games, dancing, crafts what a party!!  I know it will still be a little while until the crafts, and games come out, but hey a Mom can get excited right!? 
What are some of your fav games, and crafts that you do with your little ones? 

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