Saturday, January 1, 2011

Getting to know us!

Here is a little story about us with some of our favorite things! See if you can guess which one is who's favorite! And which information is about who! (*WARNING: I may have gotten a little carried away this story is very fictional and cheesy! ;) hope you have fun!)

Once upon a time there was a young girl who loved to dance! She enjoyed her life as she was surrounded with family and friends who loved her, she couldn't ask for more! Tho this girl had one dream and would not give up until she had fulfilled  it, which was to find someone special to share her life with! She new it would come one day so she waited patiently and invested in other interests of hers such as taking care of young children and dancing!
    Mean while there was this young handsome fellow who was a kid at heart! One night after playing basketball he went out to eat with some buddies, as he was waiting for his waitress to come take the orders he spotted a beautiful blue eyed young lady across the room, he couldn't take his eyes off her! This young lady noticed this young man as the sight of him took her breath away, the way his orange shirt made his tanned skin ( which he had achieved from his job of working in the great outdoors washing windows) glow! They shared a short glance as the young lady blushed and turned to her fajita trying to be interested in her meal. They young man quickly ordered his pasta and looked back to where this young lady was but she was gone! He panicked "where could have she gone!" His heart sank and he returned to his beloved home and noble steed the bearded dragon Rocky!
The following day the young lady rode in the back of a yellow cab to the airport where she was catching the 12:35 flight to North Carolina! She thought about the incident of the night before and this young man who she had shared glances with but her thoughts were scattered as the cab pulled up to the airport, after sometime of waiting in the check out line and going through security she was off looking for her gate. Her stomach all in knots and full of butterflies as she hated flying she collided into someone, her reading material for the plane spilling all over the floor, literature and pictures of Hawaii were everywhere the stranger who she had bumped into apologized and stopped to help her pick up her belongings. As they gathered her items he asked
 "off to Hawaii hey?"
"no just obsessed with it off to Carolina actually" she replied as she looked up meeting this young mans glance she realized this was not a stranger after all but the young man who she had encountered the night before at the restaurant! In some shock she stammered
"and where are you off to?"
"Mexico, I'm Prince Charming and you are?"
" your lady in waiting!
From that day forward Prince Charming and his Lady in waiting courted and became best friends! They dated for 8 months and then made plans to be wed on April 08,2011! And they lived happily ever after!

***favorite color: Curtis orange Kristi yellow favorite sport: Curtis basketball Kristi dance favorite food: Curtis pasta Kristi fajitas furthest place they have traveled: Curtis Mexico Kristi North Carolina Dream vacation: Curtis home Kristi Hawaii


  1. ...okay that first comment was Irish!! (can you tell!?!)
    I love the story! It made me laugh! I Love YOU