Sunday, January 9, 2011

How I met Curtis

So one Friday night in March there was a dance. I really was not sure if I wanted to go or not and hummed and hawed about it all day. My friend had convinced me to go so the plan was for us to meet at the dance. When I got there I couldn't find anyone I knew so I was feeling silly just standing by myself, (although it was a slow dance so I didn't feel too awkward) but I saw another girl standing alone so I went over and said "hey! hows it goin?!"  and so we got talking and it was a little awkward at first so I just came out and said "ok! I dont know anyone here, I cant find any of my friends!" so being the sweet girl Megan is she invited me to come dance with her friends! So we were dancing the night away and I got to know the girls in the group and spotted this guy and thought 'hmm he is kinda cute, but then didn't think anything more cuz I was really not into the dating scene at this point.(So I thought) So as the night went on I saw some of my friends and danced with them and went back and forth to different friends and my group of new friends! I was havin a blast!  As I came back to dance with my new friends! One of the girls came up to me and said 'hey do you see that guy over there? He really wants to dance with you so stick around for the next slow dance!' It seemed like forever for the next slow song to come!! (which happened to be the last two songs of the night) But they finally came and all of Curtis's friends said go ask him to dance! go go go! I was a little hesitant so I walked over and not having a clue what to say! When I got to him (he had kind of walked over to me too!) we just kinda stood there looked at each other for a sec and I think we both kinda said at the same time "so we gonna dance?"  We danced to the song from the movie  'Enchanted '   and then another slow song came, things were goin well we needed to finish our conversation obviously...  so we just danced again! The dance had come to an end and Curtis's friends came over and said "so what are we doin now?" We decided that we should go get slurppies (mmm) I didn't know where the 7-11 was that we were going to so seeing how I drove alone Curtis drove with me, after slurppies we went and watched a movie, (princess and the frog...and yes Curtis did try to hold my hand! ;) So the next day the whole group of us went out for dinner and a movie and then it started from there! We kept on hangin out. The next week Curtis asked me out on a date and then asked me to be his girlfriend! And I have been the luckies girl ever since!

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  1. Aww so cute!! I remember you telling me this story!! Love you guys