Sunday, January 9, 2011

How I met Kristi

Hmm Well i was walking around in heaven and then i saw her and said hey when we go to the earth to do our thing would you want to be with me for eternity? and i guess she said yes.  Thats how we met!

Ok really i was doing my moves at the dance and she couldn't resist my flavor.  and the rest was history.

Ok Ok.  Well when I would go to church dances I would always tell my self that I would meet my future wife there so when I went to  bow valley chapel I told myself  that my future wife would be there so I was like what the heck i'll just go and have some fun.  So I got ready and and went with a bunch of friends of mine.  When we got there it was pretty lame to tell the truth, there was lots of candy and treats so that was good.   As we were dancing there I kept seeing this cute little girl walking by, but I didn't really think much of it, I had seen her around before but I was to chicken to ask her to dance or talk to her.  When me and some of my friends went to go and get some candy we took more then we should of, when we got back to our friends there she was dancing with the group.  I remember looking at her and thinking she is so beautiful, and she was quite the dancer to.  After a little while of dancing I think we kept catching each other eye but neither of us did anything.  So after a lot of my friends bugging me to ask her to dance (I was thinking of asking her to dance the whole night too)  I finally went over to ask her to dance and as I did she was walking over to me with this look that I knew this is the one for me and that I wanted to spend all time and eternity with.  And I really can say that the rest was history after that.


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  1. Oh Curtis you are so cute :) It's nice to hear your side of the story! I only ever hear Kristi's!