Sunday, January 2, 2011

Were Engaged!

 So of course when you get engaged everyone asks and wants to know how did he do it?! How did he ask?! So here it is! 

Curtis and I took my car in to get a car starter put in it and we were going to hang out at his parents house  until it was done I had plans to go shopping later that day and when I met Curtis that morning everything seemed normal and great! We dropped off the car and headed to his parents place when we got there Curtis's parents were leaving and he said something to the effect I just gotta do something then were leaving so off they went and Curtis asks me so are you hungry do you wanna go get something to eat before we go? In my head im thinking "hu??!! I'm confused" not really thinking anything we leave (getting into his Dads other car) and I'm just oblivious as I'm thinking "ok well his car doesn't heat up very well so I guess it makes sense??" ... We stop and get something to eat and then we start heading out to the Banff area. So in my head im thinking oh!? is he goin to ask me today and I tell my self "dont get your hopes up, he is just being really cute he knew we had the morning together and he planned something! (I'm a huge planner! So I love it when people plan things!) So there we are off to what I think is Banff and Curtis turns to me and says "so do you still think your going shopping today?" I think I just looked at him blankly not to sure what to say ;) We take the turn off to Canmore and I'm really feelin out of the loop, and then we arrive at the helicopter tours! Baah! I was soo excited and got some amazing pictures! The pilot was super cool and talked to us the whole time! It rocked! (thanks babe!) But the fun didn't stop there we continued onto Banff and had a great meal at Tony Romas did a little shopping. And went the spa to get a massage, upon our arrival to the spa Curtis turns to me and says... and I quote "do you have my phone?" I didn't.
So he had lost his phone at some point from the restaurant to the spa, we weren't quite sure where so after our massage we went back to look for it. Now we had previously parked on this little road between the  path beside the river and this large grassy area with trees! (which we had ran across to get to the car after we had

 eaten and done some shopping!) So we go back to where we were parked and we look and look and look! re-tracing our steps and searching calling and texting his phone! It was a lost cause we couldn't find it! As were looking along the side of the road Curtis has come to terms that he is not finding his phone and that we should start heading back as its dark and we had a party to get to! So he takes my hand and were walking along the side of the path to the car and then he leads me onto the path in front of the river and of course I'm thinking "oh! is he going to do it??!? is he going to ask!???!!" but he starts talking about the river and how pretty it is...I agree, totally not focusing on the river, but he keeps going on about the river as I'm looking for signs of him being nervous? but nope hes totally chill and cool and he gives me a hug and about what seemed like 20 minutes later he looks down at me and says, "well I wont keep you in suspense any longer" sits me on the bench and gets down on one knee!...

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  1. Awww! Did you not get a picture of the river?! The place where he asked you to marry him?!?!