Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 2- I will listen to and honor my body!

Well it is 10:46 pm and I am WIDE awake! All I want to do is sleep!  Curtis and I went to bed around 7:30 tonight as he was exhausted from work and I still have this dang cold that is making me just miserable! I tried taking a relaxing bath with epson salts but our wonderful rot iron tub just made the water cold! And we ran out of hot water before the water even warmed up the tub! So I put on my warmest fleece pjs and robe and started cleaning while my tea steeped! Had to do something to get warm! Yahoo! Everything is picked up and  our house is clean but I am still wide awake!
Today started of great! Woke up early...(I did not really sleep much last night either and was very wide awake early early this morning!) None the less I was productive and made a large pitcher of juice! Kale, cuccumber, sweet yellow Pepper, Spinich, lettuce, and apples! I was so hungry, and needless to say the juice was gone very quickly! The day went on great! I watched the documentary fat, sick and nearly dead. Wow! I would recommend this video to anyone weather they want to juice or not!  Definitely an inspiration! Not that I am trying to lose weight here, but become healthier and clean out my body. It really is a good educational video of how much food we eat, that is not doing us much good at all but rather stressin our bodies out! That is my personal view. One of my favorite quotes from the video Joe Cross says is  "we go on holidays, we sleep at night, we give our cars a service but we don't think about giving our bodies a rest."
 Now I have touched on the fact the reason I am doing this is because I want to be healthier! To clean out my system and hopefully get some of the pains I have been feeling under control!  So I was thinking today weather or not I should really be doing this for the full 60 days. I know I am getting a lot of my daily nutrients that I need but my worry is, not getting enough protein with my very active lifestyle. Which I can just add seeds and nuts to this fast and I believe I would be ok!  Second is losing to much weight which would result in me being un- healthy. (maybe these "worries" are just "excusses" to not go the full 60 days and maybe it is this cold talking but ...  my plan when I am done this juice fast, is to continue drinking the juice with healthy well balanced meals, mostly consisting of raw (or steamed) fruits and veggies! Bring more variety and colour into my diet! I don't feel like I would be a failure if I did not do my goal of 60 days. I am sure people who have been less than a little supportive in my efforts of this may be saying "I told you!" "its not healthy" etc etc bla bla bla! I do not care what others think! This is me! My body, my life!
I will listen to and honor my body!

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