Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 3-4 Sleep has finally come!

Well after two nights of absolutely no sleep finally I slept last night and am kicking this cold to tim-buck-two!! I did have almost not voice this morning so teaching the grade 6-9 girls in a large gymnasium was a bit challenging! But none the less I made it through!
Besides my cold I am feeling quite well, with surprisingly a good amount of energy to boot! So I have had many very negative comments of how are you going to get better just on juice!?  Well I know I am sick but I AM getting better, AND only on juice! I have only gotten better not worse! Now as I got this cold the morning of the first day I started I really don't believe that this Juice fast made me sick. I have not cheated and my body is healing!  Now for the protein comments!! Yes this did worry me quite a bit and I felt I needed to do some more research! So I went to my trusty to read up to see what my friend Dr Schulze had to say about juicing and doing a detox. I won't go into to much detail as my purpose of this blog is not to convince anyone to agree with me, but to just share my journey! So all I will say is WOW! I could not stop reading his books! (which you can get right off his blog!...for free!) I was amazed at all the learning I have had today! I definitely did not do as much research as I should have before I started this 60 day juicing fast...which really,  ok lets ditch the word "fast", cuz I aint starving my self, more like flushing my body of all the junk in it! So from now on we will refer to it as, the juice flushing!
Ok so my plan now! As Dr Schulze has recommended that starting with a 5 day detox program of juicing monday to friday, and if the problem is not gone then do another 5 days, the following monday to friday. Now I have not had any pains since starting this! Yahoo! and I have even had much more energy than normal...which is funny because I have had this cold, but I have not been feeling sluggish! So needless to say I am happy happy! So if I still have this bit of a cold by monday I will do another 5 days of flushing!  I will still be blogging about my nutrition adventure! As I follow Dr Schulze's 20 powerful steps to a healthier life! Here is to a happy healthy balanced life! :)

ps pictures from my juicing today Breakfast and lunch and dinner!
Brekfast: Cantaloupe and kiwi
Lunch/Dinner: Tomatoes, celery, cucumber,
red peppers and lettuce 

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  1. they look so yummy!!...too bad cantaloupe isn't in season!!