Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let the juicing begin!

I came across this blog a few weeks ago and it really peaked my interest!  It was this woman who did the reboot cleanse, which is basically the "juicing diet." I had read some things about juicing from the herb doc prior to this but never really researched it much further than that. 
Now those of you who know me know two things a) I love dancing, running, working out, anything to get me up and moving!  and b) I have become more and more interested, and am now loving learning about  nutrition and health and am fascinated about how amazing our bodies are!
 I grew up in a house hold of no sugar, no milk (other than rice milk and/or soy milk), and also no white flour or whole wheat, instead it was spelt and kamut!  Every night it was rice with quinoa and mixed veggies!  I resented this healthy life style for a looooong time! I just wanted to be "normal." As always being teased as a young child by peers, of the 'weird' food I was eating. As I got older and started making my own "lifestyle choices" I came to realize how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle. Which,  included eating healthy (or being a health nut as some would say!) For me healthy eating gives me such a greater quality of life as I love, respect, listen and respond to what my body is telling me. 
So back to this blog I found! This woman who did the reboot cleanse decided to do this cleanse when she came across the "fat sick and nearly dead documentary and she was having some health issues (which crazy enough are almost identical to the same ones I have been having) and the doctors couldn't find anything or tell her anything, which has been the same case for me!  So I sat down and did some more research, after reading more and more about this watching the trailer for fat sick and nearly dead (not that I am saying I am fat) I couldn't not do this reboot juicing. I did some reasearch on juicers and I ordered my juicer from  (a website my sister recommended to me). 
Well the day has come! My juicer is here! 

I am so excited to start juicing... ok, more nervous than excited. As I am doing the reboot, juicing fast, for 60 days.  I know it is going to be very tough! Emotionally, mentally and physically but I have been trying to mentally prepare my self, and tell my self I can do this! I have also been cutting back in sugar, and processed food (not that I eat a ton to begin with) but just to prepare my body, so the withdrawal of processed sugar is somewhat  easier to overcome, and when I get a overwhelmed of the thought of only drinking fluids for two months I go back and think, why am I doing this? What do I want to get out of this?  

1. Clean out my system to hopefully rid my self of the mysterious pains and excessive tiredness I have been feeling the last couple of months.
2. Get back to being me! The high energy go go go loving life person! (As well as having more balance in my life)

3. To be all that I can be! And not let my health get in the way. 

4. To love my self and give to my body what it needs at this time. I am a firm believer in that if we give our bodies the chance to heal and repair itself it is fully capable of doing that. 

I will bring this to a close, my apologies for dragging this all out so much!  I am going to blog about this from day to day or week to week  and I will try to keep these posts much smaller! 

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  1. I have the same juicer! Its awesome! I did Dr Schulze's 30 day incurables and I thought that was long enough! You're brave haha! Good luck and I kind of feel your pain.